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Phillips Launches a Mobile-First Digital Salesroom & Realizes a Significant Increase in their Business

After partnering with Auction Mobility, Phillips helped design and implement a dedicated mobile bidding application for bothAndroid and iOS devices. In addition, Phillips launched a digital salesroom integrated into their current web properties for a unified client experience.

Since the launch of the dedicated mobile bidding engine, Phillips has realized:

  • A 300% increase in online sales
  • Registrations increased 120% over the same period last year
  • A 41% increase in new participants

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Lang’s Realizes Significant Increase in Participation & Customer Satisfaction After Launching their Mobile Bidding Application

After partnering with Auction Mobility, Lang’s launched their mobile, tablet and web interface in the fall of 2015. The platform provides a streamlined user interface, the ability for customers to easily browse the catalog, create customized notifications, watch the auction through live sub-second video streaming and participate easily in the bidding room from anywhere around the world.

Since the launch of the dedicated mobile, tablet and web experience, Lang’s has realized:

  • Record realized prices
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction
  • A reduction in back-office tasks

Use of the platform has enabled a shift in the business that was needed to continue growth and expansion of Lang’s. 

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A partnership between Thomaston and Auction Mobility keeps revenue growing year-over-year and customer satisfaction at record high levels.

Since the launch of the platform, Thomaston continues to see positive results with their white-labeled solution. The goal of Thomaston was to drive people to a dedicated application, in a nicer format, that showcased only their catalogues, not the catalogues of other auction houses around the country. “We grow with each auction we hold through the Auction Mobility platform, and it’s exciting to see such impact,” shared Park.

Since the implementation of the technology, Thomaston has realized:

  • An increased and broadened reach of bidders participating in the sale
  • A streamlined registration process for new bidders available on the mobile application & web interface
  • Access to reporting and analysis on auction performance, participation and bidder engagement
  • A streamlined process between Auction Mobility and RFC, our back-end auction management system
  • Influx of new registrants and bidders from the Lofty.com Marketplace, a recent acquisition of Auction Mobility

”This business relies heavily on relationships, not only with customers and consignors, but also the people behind the technology making it all possible. Auction Mobility has made it easy to do business with, is responsive and involved and gives you the feeling they are right down the hall vs. miles away from us. They are forward thinking in a space where technology is constantly evolving and we look forward to continuing to grow the relationship”, stated Park.

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