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Client Customer Service

Visit our knowledge base for all basic inquiries about catalog upload,
clerking, WordPress maintenance and more:

For all other inquiries, our customer success team is here
24/7 365 days a year to support you & your auction needs.

If you are experiencing an issue, please call our support team at  1-866-309-2828.

You many also email for assistance.

Local support phone numbers are available for the following countries:

Australia: +61 (2) 90538555

Canada: 604-359-8889

New Zealand: +64 (9) 8840555

United Kingdom: +44 (20) 39234629

United States: 866-309-2828

At Auction Mobility, we pride ourselves on our customer service and knowledge of the auction industry. Our best-in-class service model is included for all customers.

Auction Monitoring

We monitor all auctions to ensure everything runs smoothly online allowing you to focus on a successful sale.

Email & Phone Support

We are available 24/7 to help troubleshoot or answer any questions that you may have in the management of your auction.

Cloud Based Technology

We partner with the best technology and infrastructure companies to ensure our system moves fast, just like you.

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